How to win the homebuying game!

If you continue to caught in bidding wars with other buyers – and lose the great homes, perhaps nobody told you how to win at this game. The internet is great for educating potential buyers on areas and general price ranges. It’s great for letting the consumer know what to expect to get for their money…..But it’s not a great strategy for buying the house you really want. Here’s why: You can’t go […]

You Could Lose a Bedroom by Waiting to Buy!

Waiting to buy your next home could cost you in more ways than you think….chiefly due to an interest rate increase, cost of building supply increases and more competition from other buyers who waited. Today’s interest rates for conforming loans up to $417,000 range from 3.625% to 3.75%. If your budget was to pay no more than $2500/mo (inc. taxes & Insurance,) you could buy a $317,000 house after a […]

Do you own 1-2 wooded acres in Southlake or Keller?

If you have such a tract that may even have an older house on it, I know several builders who would be interested in talking to you about buying your property. Contact me at as soon as possible.